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Technology partner in creating software innovation and implementing market-leading solutions.
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Automatize Business Process Operations
Application development
Incorporate your vision and requirements into a tailored software solution, on time on budget.
Build Competitive & Innovative Products
Product design
Validate business concepts and deliver competitive products with your customer in mind.
Understand Digital Transformation
Smart Team
We bring your company into the digital world and develop digital business model and innovations.
About us

We are a team of passionate and experienced programmers and advisors, who always have your business in mind.

We help to build reliable software and help growing big and advanced applications. Our experienced team members implemented projects for small, medium, large companies, public sector.

At Absolut Systems, we are technoloy enthusiasts, that track the latest trends and build secure software, and provide inovative solutions. Always with your business and customers in mind. - Katarzyna Kowaluk, Founding Partner
Our experienced team members implemented various projects:
Internet of things producers
Toptronic, Jura
Waste management
Retail Chain
Business Inteligence
Public sector
Austrian Government (LFRZ)
IT Service partner for banks in Scandinavia
IT Support
RunIT, Widder
Transport & Logistics
& More
How Waste Management Sector Met Together in One Convenient Place
"We are very satisfied with the expertise and the quality of work that was provided. We receive excellent feedback about the product, its design functionalities and user-friendliness"
Our services

We don't just deliver code and finish tasks. We blend into one team and use our unique skills, we advice the best solutions and features to boost your business.

Software Development
We create custom systems for specific needs where the implementation of ready products is not enough.
We provide efficient and secure data exchange between all systems and trouble-free implementation of new initiatives.
Mobile solutions
We will help you design, implement and develop mobile applications that your clients or employees will be happy to use!
Virtual Reality
We create custom systems for specific needs where the implementation of ready products is not enough.
We advice
  • Product Development
  • Application Architecture
  • System Architecture
We mantain & develop
  • Systems maintenance and development
  • API Management/ API Developmentem
  • Legacy System Integration
We build
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Portal Solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Master Data Management
  • B2B Platforms/Portals
  • B2C Platforms/Portals
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Software Development
    Systems Integrations
  • Customer Panel
  • Advanced custom CRM
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality Applications
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Our technologies

If you are interested in cooperating with us, please schedule a meeting. You can ask any questions regarding our skills, practices, experience, techniques, availability and financial aspects.