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ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) initiatives help build business resilience and long-term value

Reduce costs substantially. Enhance investment returns

Attract B2B and B2C customers with more sustainable products

Boost employee motivation.
Attract new talents

environmental performance

The right combination of strategy and technology will support your journey, reduce risk and enhance brand reputation.

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We build custom ESG solutions to meet your goals.
We help you to:

Use ESG data to mitigate risks, enrich cost analysis. Monitor and visualize data. Bridge the gap between data

Attract your customers and build new innovative digital products/ services that adapt to ESG goals

Navigate efficiently through ESG reporting with our software services

Make complex easy.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis and reporting can provide valuable insights and help create long-term value for stakeholders. ESG reporting refers to the disclosure of data covering the company’s operations in three areas: environmental, social and corporate governance. It provides a snapshot of the business’s impact in these three areas for investors and has the potential to make your organization shine in the eyes of investors, regulators, ESG scoring agencies, and financing bodies. 



ESG Reporting

The ESG reporting sounds simple in theory, but the compliance is complex. At present, most companies have ESG data scattered in subsidiary or departmental silos. This divide complicates data collection, data formatting, and the ability to assess ESG impacts on financial performance. When data is disconnected, there’s no way to see the big ESG picture.

The Software allows: 

  • Easy gathering of ESG data for the international capital groups and see the true impacts of ESG initiatives
  • Automatic generation of a ESG report just with one click (GRI, SFDR, Taxonomy, UoR) for a particular company or a whole capital group
  • Analyzing and communicating sustainability performance

Build innovative solutions.
Make an impact. Adapt to ESG goals with the new technologies

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