Finanse i księgowość

Wykorzystaj boty RPA do zautomatyzowania kluczowych procesów związanych z finansami i wyeliminuj z nich błędy.
danych z faktur
Skanuj, przetwarzaj i automatycznie ładuj dane z papierowych faktur do systemu RPA.
Tworzenie faktur z nieustrukturyzowanych danych
Automatycznie sczytuj mailowe prośby o faktury oraz ich załączniki i wprowadzaj dane do systemu, by wygenerować faktury. W przypadku brakujących informacji, wyślij wiadomość z prośbą o ich uzupełnienie.
Tworzenie faktur w systemie rachunkowym
Automatycznie sczytuj dane z pliku Excel we współdzielonym folderze i przechowuj je w bazie danych. Loguj się do systemu rachunkowego jak np. SAP i uaktualniaj dane. Bot RPA powtórzy Twoje kroki w procesie wprowadzania danych i wysyłania wiadomości do interesanta.
Zautomatyzowanie procesu fakturowania
Kompleksowo zautomatyzuj przetwarzanie faktur. Firmy automatyzujące ten proces doświadczyły średniej redukcji wysiłku o 85% i 10-krotnej poprawy TAT.
Aktualizacja faktur
Zbierz dane do faktur w systemie ERP, by zachować ścisłą kontrolę nad administracyjnymi i finansowymi operacjami oraz zautomatyzuj rutynowe czynności w ramach usług wspólnych.
Zautomatyzuj proces poprzez wewnętrzne przetwarzanie faktur w systemie ERP, 3-way matching, powiadamianie zainteresowanych oraz dokonywanie wypłat, jeśli status w ERP zostanie zweryfikowany.
Raportowanie faktur
Zautomatyzuj i usprawnij raportowanie faktur. This includes navigating to different web portals to obtain the invoicing figures, merging it into a separate spreadsheet, which is sent to AP management.
Proces fakturowania
Assist in end-to-end processing of billing related tasks and sub-processes. Eliminate error and reduce turnaround time by almost 25%.
PO linking to Invoice
Receive PO data available in the accounting system with that of invoices and inform the right stakeholders in case of any open PO/debit memos, void POs and exceptions. Auto-collect the data for the received and processed POs. In the accounting system auto-search based on invoice and PO, confirm the availability in the open PO and debit memo queues. Check for the correct vendor and for any amount variance allowed, create a log for the exceptions, and email it to the stakeholders.
Delegowanie płatności
Download, auto-process, and auto-validate the journal vouchers for the format and data accuracy. Auto-email to respective approvers and on approval, upload the journal voucher into the specific general ledger accounts in the business system. Inform the submitter about the journal voucher status, and store it in a pre-defined format.
Order Booking Automation
Update relevant data from the Purchase Order (PO) received from the vendor into the enterprise systems as a new record
Book closures
Post entries in GL, total the accounts, prepare Trial Balance, report discrepancies, manually adjust journal entries, prepare the adjusted Trial Balance, create statements, close entries, and create post-closure Trial Balance.
Assets Capitalization
Automate many tasks such as Assets creation in SAP, Posting of Assets in SAP, Approval in DMS, and Reporting. Auto-generate reports including Shift Factor Update, Depreciation, Comparison, Fixed Assets Report Preparation, and Capital WIP Report, which involve tracking data across multiple touch points.
Payment Session
Track the payment status related to the usage of the leased assets in the business system.
Payment Service
Navigate to different customer websites to get the payment status for different invoices raised over a period of time. Based on the status, create a report and send it to the collectors to do the needful. Upload the invoice and the supporting documents on the customer portal for which payment status is required after a pre-defined time.
Miscellaneous Accounts
Book invoice amount in miscellaneous accounts for one time customers. It includes reading Excel report, Searchable PDFs, and Text Invoices for getting data from finance related system and transaction in business system. Post approval, auto-execute a cash transfer to the required accounts.
Credit Card Charges
Auto-apply additional service fee of applicable tax by credit card and charge to the customer.
Finance, Accounting & Tax
Automate finance, accounting, and taxation related tasks. Replace slow, time-consuming tasks with automation and enable employees to focus on more productive work.
Bank Reconciliation Process
Reconcile data downloaded in unstructured format from emails as well as bank websites and validate it as per business rules.
Credit Assessment Report
Extract financial data from balance sheets of companies and create the credit assessment profiles before enrolling in different programs.
Tax Reconciliation
Export trial balance and other related data from the ERP, determine the tax filing status of each legal entity, review accounts, reconcile inter-company transactions, calculate tax, and apply it to the trial balance.
Compliance & Discrepancy Report
Extract data from the bank's statements, compare it with the company records across Excel files and ERP systems, validate it against complex business rules and creates report for compliance and discrepancy.
Drawback Fund Transfer
Reconcile data between bank accounts and the company database. In case of a match, upload the data to the company site. If not, email it to the respective stakeholders.
Tax Compliance
Automate various registers such as Premium Register and integrate with the Application Service Provider (ASP) tool. Also automate the TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) ledger and TDS Master processes.
Installment Tracking
Track installment due date and automate generation of installment letter at pre-defined intervals from the core business system.
Financial Reporting
Automate pulling in data from different legacy systems for financial reporting across the board, reduce errors involved in the manual swivel chair operations, improve productivity of the Accounting team.
Budgeting & Forecasting
Use previous year data and forecasting data to budget for the annual expenses, such as license renewals, lease renewals, etc.
Variance Analysis
Automate process variance analysis and reporting for financial data by using RPA bots for key processes.
Tax Calculation & Forecasting
Use RPA bots to calculate the cumulative tax collections and automate forecasting.
Cashflow Forecasting
Automate quarterly cashflow forecasting for ongoing and new projects, improve collections, and reduce day sales outstanding by using RPA bots.
Regulatory Reporting
Automate regulatory compliance and third-party / federal government site updates by using RPA bots.