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The excellent software solutions and digital products developed by our developers are used daily by: JYSK, Carrefour, Samsung, CocaCola, Mbank, Interseroh, P&G. 

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why do we exist?

Create. Impact. Innovate Solve challanges together

Today excellent technical expertise is no longer enough. Agility and speed of adapting to the new reality determine the future of business. And this requires new skills from the organization. 

We know that it is not so easy to build and have these in-house competencies. So here we come Absolut Systems team. We fill in the gaps and we work with you as a one team that 

  • deliver eco-friendly and sustainable digital solutions for your business
  • build easy-to-use and intuitive solutions for everyone
  • is human oriented (user, customer, employee in center)
  • has in-depth business understanding & technical expertise
  • has a social impact (women in tech & neurodiversity in IT)

Expertise. Forward-thinking approach

Launch eco-friendly & sustainable solutions

Cutting-edge technology is the foundation of Absolut Systems but we don’t simply deliver software, we create a comprehensive, reliable end-to-end solution using technology and innovation to 

  • incorporate sustainability & eco-friendly solutions into business strategy
  • maximize customer value
  • enable remodeling business into digitalized and efficient enterprise
  • automate and digitalize the processes and go paperless

Achieve your goals

Build easy-to-use apps without gueswork

We push the boundaries of design and technology to create delightful experience and easy-to-use solutions. A good digital product is not  about the nice look.  It is about high usability, good UX and tangible outcomes for your business. How do we achieve that? By:

  • focusing on customer’s needs
  • engaging users and business clients into the product development process
  • in-depth structural and functional analysis
  • and reducing communication obstacles

100% Tailored to your needs & Goals

Custom Digital Solutions

intuitive & without unnecessary functions

Software Engineering:

Enterprise Business Solutions

Web Applications

Mobile Applications

Cloud Migration Serverless & Microservices

QA & Testing

Tech Due Diligence & Software Audit

Technical Feasibility Study


API Development & Integration

Automation & RPA

New digital products & services:

Futures Thinking & Innovation

Product Design & MVP Protoyping

User Experience & Customer Audit

E-commerce B2B & Audit

IT recruitment:

Talent as a Service

Dedicated Team Building

You get more than just a software:


Business Understanding & Partnership

At Absolut Systems, we start by understanding  people’s problems and future. Then we ask how technology and design can solve them


Experience & open-mindedness

Every business has own individual needs and need unique approach. We are open to new methods of work, new ideas, new services – we adapt easily to work in a changing environment and we are not afraid of the challenges.


Human-centric Approach & Intuitiveness

Whether it is a business partner, employee or user – human being is at the center. The same applies to our solutions that must be easy-to-use, intuitive and without unnecessary functionalities.

Stay competitive

Technology is transforming every industry sector

Benefit from our experience in a wide range of industries, giving you valuable insights and truly beneficial solutions.

Circular Economy & Waste Management


Financial Services & Banking

Transportation & Logistic

& LifeScience



Employee Experience & Education

Your challange here…

Let's reach more

Tell us about your ambitions and fulfill them together.

  • We adapt to your project flow.
  • We sign the NDA to protect your know-how.
  • We fill in the gaps.
  • We work with you as one team.

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