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Katarzyna Kowaluk-Toszek is a speaker at the Future City session

How to design a city of the future?

The City of the Future is not just a vision, but a reality that requires deep analysis. These words were spoken during a conference at which Katarzyna Kowaluk spoke. The expert emphasized that the future of cities depends not only on technology or infrastructure, but above all on the people who live there. The City of the Future should take into account the needs of all residents, the challenges of the future, and the specializations that give the city competitiveness and attractiveness. She also noted that the key to success is understanding that the City of the Future is not just technology or infrastructure, but also the people who live there. Katarzyna Kowaluk drew attention to the need for sustainable development and the challenges associated with the silver society trend – the growing number of seniors and the unique needs of Generation Z, born and raised in the digital world.
The future of cities will not be complete without the involvement of residents. Social participation plays a key role, and open data is becoming a valuable source of social innovation that can drive city development,” summarized Katarzyna Kowaluk.


Absolut Systems is a member of the interdisciplinary team "Challenges and Solutions in Reducing Food Waste

Challenges and Solutions in Reducing Food Waste

On October 6, 2023, a meeting entitled “Challenges and Solutions in Reducing Food Waste” was organized by the Warsaw Food Lab. An interdisciplinary team consisting of representatives from Żabka Group, Earth Day Everyday Foundation, Carrefour Polska, SOS Food Bank in Warsaw, JMP (Biedronka), Absolut Systems, the Polish Federation of Food Banks, Auchan Retail Polska, and Eurocash Group discussed legal regulations and possible directions of changes in legislation related to food waste, as well as the stages and possible solutions that concern food in retail chains, from delivery to sales, taking into account the challenges related to transportation, storage, product display, and the donation of unsold products. 🥕 Katarzyna Kowaluk represented Absolut Systems.

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For the Cyberdefence24 magazine, Katarzyna Kowaluk talks about the contribution of Ukrainians to the development of technology worldwide

#CyberMagazine: IT Army and employees of large corporations.
Ukraine in the world of technology

The Central and Eastern European region is recognized as a hub of technological talents. Ukrainian programmers, alongside Polish ones, belong to the global elite. Many of them work for global companies in Poland and around the world. In 2021, Ukraine exceeded the level of 200,000 specialists and 36,000 technical graduates, making it the second-largest IT hub in Europe,” says’s Katarzyna Kowaluk-Toszek, founder and CEO of the technology company Absolut Systems

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An interview with Kamil Toszek and Anna Jabłońska on the pages of Informacja Zarządcza and regarding the pros and cons of no-code and low-code solutions.

Everything about Low-Code Solutions

In today’s rapidly changing technological world, low-code solutions are gaining increasing popularity. They allow for the reduction of time and cost in software development. For a better understanding of these technologies, outlining their advantages and disadvantages, as well as when Low-Code technology is not a good choice, Kamil Toszek discussed on the pages of Informacja Zarządcza and Controlling 24 portal.


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For the American magazine Foreign Policy on the development of the IT industry in Poland

About the place of Polish technological solutions in the world.

Katarzyna Kowaluk’s interview in the prestigious American magazine Foreign Policy is an important voice on the growing role of Poland in the world of technology and the country’s potential for further development in the technology sector. She emphasized Poland’s role as a dynamically growing technological market, attracting investors and companies from around the world, and the vision of Poland as the Silicon Valley of Europe. Innovative approaches to solving technological problems and highly skilled programmers are qualities particularly appreciated worldwide.

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