Cloud based efficient ESG reporting

About the client

Client: SAPERE Sustainable Business Solutions

Scope of work: - Product Discovery
- Business Process Analysis
- UX/UI Design
- Prototyping
- Development
- Software Integration
- Maintenance
- Cloud Management

The Challenge

Our challange was to automate and build a system that allows gathering distributed data in different, non integrated systems not only within one company, but also the whole capital group. And in the end generate multi language reports (Taxonomy, GRI, SFDR, UoR) in compliance with the latest EU legislation.

The Solution

As we got only an idea and list of indicators (indexes) of each report – in order to define the functionalities we started with a product discovery workshop and business process analysis with our partner. We prepared the whole concept of the application and an interactive prototype to visualize it. UI of the application was designed according to the UX rules and corporate identity.  

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Product Design
  • Software Development
  • Software Integration

When working on the project we focused on intuitive interfaces and scalable architecture, that allows further easy development.

Java 17

The Result

A cloud base web application that allows generating of different types of multi language ESG reports within the international capital groups. The information are gathered through the intelligent links. The system is also integrated with external software solutions and with the module dedicated for the banks enabling real time data exchange (also a web application developed by our team).

„Previously, hundreds of hours were needed to prepare a non-financial report. Now it takes 10 minutes to prepare and generate a finished report in an editable Word, Excel file. The quality of the report itself is much higher, the data gathered in one place is more transparent and interactive.” – Aleksandra Stanek Kowalczyk

„For us, it was the first big technological project. Absolut experts took us through the process of preparing the system step by step, not only designing and programming the system, but also explaining our doubts and answering any questions. Thanks to their experience, it was possible to include in the system a number of solutions and functionalities that we had not thought about before, and which are very useful for the user.” – Ph.D. Aleksandra Stanek-Kowalczyk, Sapare Sustainable Business Solutions

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