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 We take care of the entire process. Building from scratch to long-term maintainance and further development.  Offering you an end-to-end service and systems.

Keep your business GROWING
and your users SATISFIED

with the CUTTING-EDGE custom solutions

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At Absolut Systems, we specialize in taking products from concept to completion. We use agile development practices,  but we also incorporate waterfall development. Why? As transparency is for us very important. These approach gives our clients control costs because they are usually operating with fixed funding and need to keep the project’s scope narrow.

Constant Feedback

Agile Sprint

Test & Iterate

Discovery & Planning

MVP Prototype Designing & Testing


From an idea to MVP and beyond

Ready MVP
within 2-6 weeks

The largest risk in building your MVP is:

Additional features or „small changes”. They seem small, but they can increase design and dev time and blow your budget. We work with you to keep the key objectives in mind. You also need to keep in mind that when your MVP is dependent on third parties, such as API providers it can cause delay. 


Custom Applications that evolve with your business

Grow by building applications specific to the needs and processes of your business.

Cloud-native serverless applications enable companies to deploy services faster, reduce IT operational and infrastructure costs, and adapt to ever-changing business needs. 

 When building custom web application we look at your:

  • business objectives and strategy
  • existing technology
  • we try in depth-understand the desired outcome and the processes
  • investigate the right data sources
  • help visualize information with the bespoke dashboards

SaaS is a digital subscription pricing model. We help you build new multi-tenant and modern software applications that increase revenue through a digital subscription model.

B2B Apps

B2C Apps

Internal Apps

Backend Apps

Frontend Apps

Service-based Apps

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