We deliver senior & regular

Premier talents who meet your unique needs

ABSOLUT Systems can help your organization fulfill your team’s needs for:

Our people are selected from the best talent from coding bootcamps, IT, and universities from Poland.

For hours, days, months, projects. And more:

Developer Center in Poland

Cross Functional Team

Access world-class Tech Professionals

01 Tell us your business needs

  • Who are you looking for?
  • What the project is about?
  • What are the deadlines? 
  • What are the obligatory working hours?

02 Get the blind CVs & have a conversation

Within few days, we’ll introduce you to the right talent for your project. Via teleconference you can check out their skills, experience, language. 

03 Hire and onboard 

After choosing the Tech talent, we sign the hiring contract. Now, the hand-picked talent is working together with you on-site. They can reach out to any other Absolut Systems expert when they encounter challenges or issues. 


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