In the near future, all businesses will be software firms. Let’s take the digital trip together. We build software and teams. Meet ABSOLUT Systems a software delivery oriented company that cultivates human experiences and future thinking.

Level Up Your Business With:

Quick MVP
Idea Validation

Are you about to validate, realize or conceptualize your service/product? We categorize your ideas and build your prototype.

Custom IT Systems
Business Applications

Simplify the complex, deliver brilliant. Our dynamic products and services enable you to transform your business and automate the processes.​

IT Professionals
Talent as a Service

We match our tech talents to the unique tech need of different industries and companies.

Innovation Lab
Innovation as a Service

Do you want to bring innovation to the market or create sustainable solutions? Let us show you the way.

Get the Best Software Professionals

For hours, days, months or projects.

Polish software engineers and developers are among the best in the world! ABSOLUT Systems has over 500 ICT Tech Talent selected to different industries. We deliver mainly senior consultants. Whether you need: 

  • One Experienced Person
  • A Team
  • A Development Center
  • Project Delivery

 We cover your software development needs.  

Making a difference

Create sustainable solutions that make a lasting impact on your customers, their customers and the planet. Our intelligent solutions deliver tangible impacts, that benefit people and the planet alike, in the following sectors:


Circular Economy

Waste Management


Transport Logistics

HealthCare Lifestyle

Customer Employee Experience

Finance Banking


The only way to predict the future
is to create it.

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