In a world that’s constantly evolving, only those who adapt and innovate truly thrive. Don’t just be a spectator; embrace the power of innovation and shape your own future.


Lead in a Future-Focused Digital Landscape

In a world where tech and possibility converge, we don’t just help you keep pace; we set it.

Being ‘digital’ is just the start. Stay ahead, predict tomorrow’s trends, and set the new norm with us.

πŸŒ• Lead with Insight: See tomorrow, today.

πŸ“‘ Tech, Elevated: Tailored solutions using the avant-garde of technology.

We Rise to Your

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Smart City

Don’t wait for the future – co-create it with us now, and let your city shine as a beacon of smart, friendly spaces where sustainable development meets residents’ comfort. Reach out to us today!

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Absolut Startups
& Mentoring

Don’t leave success to chance – partner with us now, and let your startup flourish with guidance from seasoned mentors who understand the entrepreneurial journey. Connect with us today!

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Absolut Innovation Advisory & Audits

Unlock digital excellence with us. From comprehensive digital maturity audits to expert advisory, automation, and startup ideation β€” boost your competitiveness and enhance customer experiences. Let’s innovate together. Reach out today!

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Circular & Waste

Revolutionize your sustainability efforts with our bespoke solutions for circular economy and waste management – paving the way for a greener future. Make a difference. Partner with us today!

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Absolut Experts
& Recruitment

Amplify your team’s potential with our staff augmentation and recruitment services – find the perfect fit, every time. Boost your productivity. Collaborate with us today!

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Absolut Education & Trainings

Empower your future with cutting-edge education & training – dive into the competencies of tomorrow, master technical skills, and embrace the art of coding. Elevate your potential. Join our courses today!

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Absolut Custom
Apps & Platforms

Transform your vision into reality with our custom app and platform development – tailored precisely to your needs. Elevate your digital presence. Partner with us today!

We get things done.

Delivering tangible results for our clients every time.

ESG Reporting


faster data

Capital group

flexible data management
and comparision

Automatic reports

compliant with reporting

Circular Waste Management Platform

From waste
to a product

Full control over
waste circulation
and documentation


transparency of
waste generated
in network entities



We consistently transform ideas into actionable solutions

Ai Recommendation

Utilizing internal data, the system leverages AI to recommend the best solution that meets specific criteria.

ESG reporting & finacial

Intuitive System for Convenient Data Collection and Automated Generation of Non-Financial Reports in Capital Groups.

A virtual co-worker

A robot performing repetitive, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks on behalf of humans.

A Data Driven-Decision
Support System

Comprehensive Data Visualisation: Unifying Insights from Various Systems for Informed Decision-Making and Predictive Analitycs.

Innovation Consultations
& Strategy

Redefining business with strategic innovation, crafting circular solutions seamlessly integrated into company’s services.

Waste management

The end-to-end platform offers comprehensive control and transparency throughout the all waste management processes in the retail chains contributing to circular economy.

Patient experience audit

Integrated and Digitally-Enabled Solutions for Patient Experience in Heathcare Facility.

Zero food waste

An Integrated Solution for Physical Process Optimization and a Food Waste Reduction.

Recycling & packaging

All-in-one platform. Seamless eficiency in managing packaging and recycling data with a comprehensive suite of integrated tools.

Smart City

Workshop and Solution Recommendations for Making the City Smart & Sustainable, Enhancing Resident Experience, and Reduce Costs.

Customer experience

A portal that provides an exceptional customer experience and enables comprehensive collaboration management.

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Kamil Toszek

co-founder, CTO

Why we guarantee exceptional results – every single time? This results from a combination of several factors: our holistic approach to process management, where every team member understands the process they work on and the problem they solve and understanding of your business, your customers, and the unique challenges and aspirations you face.

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