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Waste Database BDO & Waste Management:

Welcome to a world where solutions are as real as the needs they address.. We don’t just create; we customize, ensuring every solution resonates deeply with the genuine requirements of those we serve. Experience the fusion of innovation and practicality, where success is not just achieved but felt in the very fabric of everyday life. 

BDO Assistant:
Automated Intelligence

Introducing BDO Assistant, a solution designed to simplify and accelerate your interaction with the BDO system. Embrace the power of automation and intelligent reporting, offering you complete control over your company’s waste management. From automatically generating Waste Transfer Notes (KPO) and Waste Records (KEO) to comprehensive reports and direct email delivery, the BDO Assistant ensures efficient and effective waste management. Experience the future of waste management – where control, compliance, and convenience converge, right in your inbox.

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Streamlined and Efficient Waste
Management Solutions

Automation and Transparency: The Key to Efficient Large-Scale Waste Management

In the realm of large-scale corporate waste management, automation and transparency are fundamental. Effortlessly monitor waste generation across your entire company, seamlessly interact with the BDO system and waste collection agencies, manage documentation, produce intelligent reports, and oversee finances and settlements. This approach not only simplifies the process but also ensures compliance and efficiency in every aspect of waste management.

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ESG Reports

Collecting data in a company is a challenge, especially when the data is scattered across different systems and with different people. We have created a system that automates this process but also allows for data analysis, making ESG reporting an enjoyable challenge.

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